Gaetano Pesce | Mental And Physical Elasticity

Gaetano Pesce | Mental And Physical Elasticity Image

An architect by profession but a designer at heart, Gaetano Pesce has certainly managed to blur the boundaries between art and architecture. A verified product designer Pesce has managed to find a fine balance between mental and physical elasticity. His radical approach to design manages to interlock a pragmatic functionality within the avant-garde aesthetics of his designs. Renowned for the great versatility in all his designs, be it simple products, furniture, or even architecture, Pesce has always postulated a single, fundamental idea; that modernism is not just a single, stagnant idea, but a groundbreaking, static concept that articulates the present, while acknowledging the past. Further, we will look at a figurative timeline of Gaetano Pesce’s career and accomplishments respectively.

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Customized Design And Mass Production | Pros And Cons

Customized Design And Mass Production | Pros And Cons Image

It wasn’t long ago when industrial revolution took the world by a storm and along came mass production. For decades we were fed the assembly line products that were and to still are efficient and cost saving. On the other hand, it wasn’t long when we also realized that we are losing touch to our inner selves and custom design was revived. New artists and artisan were given a chance to prove themselves and today, customized products industry is flourishing side by side with mass produced products.Continue Reading →

Design Maker Vs Industrial Design

The industrial revolution with all its glory was thought to have laid to rest the days of the “master craftsman”. The skilled man tinkering away in his workshop for hours on end seemed pointless when shiny products could now be created with the magic of the production line. Industrial design made sense. It was widely accepted that the designer needn’t labor unnecessarily, they simply needed to conceive of an idea and the rest was taken care of by a large manufacturer.  All these seemingly simple assumptions have recently been turned on their heads with the emergence of the new Maker movement.Continue Reading →

Adelaide Acerbi | Mrs. Design

Adelaide Acerbi | Mrs. Design Image

Adelaide Acerbi graduated in stage design from the Brera Academy and was responsible for Driade communication right from the beginning. She supervised its artistic direction, graphic design and visual merchandising and produced its furnishing manuals, books and packaging- an intensive corporate identity project that won Driade the Compass d’Oro in 1981 for its coordinated image.

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Michele De Lucchi | Everything Evolves

Michele De Lucchi | Everything Evolves Image

“We should think of the workspace as a gymnasium for the mind, conceiving it as a place where relationships generate new ideas and possibilities. The office of the future should be visualized with the focus on lifestyles unfettered by convention, evolving spaces that perpetuate an endless stream of new ideas”, Michele De Lucchi. This is the guiding principle by which Michele De Lucchi has conceived and created his designs over the last three decades.

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Artemide Lighting | The Human Light

Artemide Lighting | The Human Light Image

Artemide is a global company leading in the design and production of lighting products for home and office. With its home in Italy, Artemide group was founded by Ernesto Gismondi and today its products are all over the world in prestigious furniture and lighting shops.

Known for its famous philosophy, the human light, designer of this company are thoughtful of user lifestyles, home designs, room activities and objects. They bring out the ‘illumination companion’ in lighting hardware by creating them adaptable, flexible and sustainable. This tangible contribution to daily life quality qualifies Artemide to be the ultimate human light.Continue Reading →

How Marketing And Ads Ate Our Culture

How Marketing And Ads Ate Our Culture image

Only in the age of persuasion it is possible that the first thing we hear from our clock radio in the morning, and the last thing we see before our eyes flutter slowly shut at night, are advertisements.

Early each morning we might hear a half-dozen ads on the radio before our feet touch the floor. Staggering out of bed, we’ll pass brand logos on our clothing as we make our way to the privy, where we’re surrounded by bottles of Head & Shoulders shampoo, the toothpaste, the deodorant, a Gillette razor, and Ivory soap. We eye the Alka-Seltzer, remembering that glass-too-many of gin and tonic last night.Continue Reading →

Alessi | Playful And Joyful Design

Alessi – Playful And Joyful Design Image

The Italian home-ware design company, Alessi, has produced some of the most memorable classics that come out as witty and playful to one group of people as they appear jaunty and annoying to others. However, the second perspective is often out of un-appreciation of Italian design history. From the squirrel-shaped nut-crackers to the bunny toothpick holder, Alessi products are founded around the idea that design is a poetic and artistic discipline. They are aimed to amuse the users, form memories, create an element of surprise and express the designers’ artistic creativity without undermining functionality. Through these designs they introduce the emotional interaction with items by embedding recognizable, symbolic and psychological character on the products.Continue Reading →

Concept Design | A Fantasy Or Reality

Concept Design | A Fantasy Or Reality Image

According to Merriam Webster, a “concept” is an abstract or generic idea generalized from particular instances. Concept design can therefore be viewed as a design idea with a main theme.

What Is Concept Design?

In many instances concept design is a stage of product development preceding the “detailed design” stage. In this case, it is used to establish a product’s form, illustrate its function and guide engineering stages in creating a prototype. The concept is demonstrated visually with all information and instructions to create a real thing.Continue Reading →